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5% of GROSS Sales!!
or $75 per Booking

Tier 2 - 2.5% or $25
Tier 3 - 1% or $10

That might not sound like very much money, but when you consider that most of our villas rent for THOUSANDS of dollars - 5% is A LOT OF MONEY!!! Take a look at Villa Magna - $3500 per night!

That's right - you can make a substantial income by just getting a few bookings per month, but why stop there?? With our WEBMASTER REFERRAL program you can make even more $$$. For every webmaster that you refer (Tier 2) you can choose either 2.5% of the Gross booking or $25 cash - your choice. And for every webmaster that is further referred from webmasters that you refer you can make even more money (Tier 3) which is 1% or $10. You could potentially have HUNDREDS of other webmaster underneath you and make THOUSANDS of dollars per month.

All it takes is one customer to book one villa like that for a week and the total comes to $24,500 which means your commission of 5% is $1225.00! - How long will it take you to make that kind of money from one sale on your current program?? Not every sale will be that big, but we routinely book $10,000 reservations and even the odd $50,000 sale - so why not get a piece of the action? Either way it's your choice - 5% or $75.00 outright.
There's no catch and no strings. We track all of your referrals via cookies so even if the surfer leaves and then returns at a later date and requests accommodations - you get the credit!! In the event that the surfer has cookies disabled, we track the session and you will still get credit even if they leave and come back later.

Auto Notification: If one of your referrals fills in our reservation request form - you will automatically be notified via e-mail of a possible sale.

So, if you're tired of getting half a cent per click - sign-up for our webmaster program and start making some REAL MONEY!

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