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Property Management

We can help property owners manage and care for their properties when they are out of town for long or short terms. Our fees are very reasonable and our efficient service will make you happy. Our services include...

- Payment of property taxes.
- Payment of utility bills, electric, water and phone.
- Reviewing property with physical inspections.
- Preventative measures for natural disasters (hurricanes & storms)
- Maintenance and repairs that may be needed.
- Keeping income property rented through our rental program.

Management Fees and Services

$45/month (includes 10% IVA ) provides the following:

  1. Arrange and supervise repair, maintenance and fumigation

  2. Payment of utility bills, telephone, property taxes, homeowners dues, Bank Trust fees, home owners insurance etc.

  3. Security checks including rain and hurricane inspection, (clean up extra).

  4. Issuing quarterly income and expense statements to owners

  5. Maintain inventory of home or condominium. It is up to the owner to provide a complete current inventory of the property.

Rental Rental Commissions and Services

15% Long Term Rental (4 months or longer)

30% on Cabo Properties generated Rentals short term

10% on Homeowners Rentals short term

The above commissions provide the following:

  1. Adding owners condo to the Cabo Properties management rental pool

  2. Collection of deposits and rental revenue

  3. Client check in/check out

  4. Information, activities package and map for all renters as well as a 6 pack of beer and water in the fridge and a package of coffee.

  5. Supervision and payment for maid services and laundry

  6. Disbursements of monies as per owner instructions (paid by US check or on line bank transfer only)

  7. Advertising and maintenance of reservation calendar

Additional Cleaning Services

Maid service for condo cleanings are done at a rate of $20 for 1 bedroom, $25 for 2 bedroom, and $30 for 3 bedroom (price includes up to 2 loads of laundry)

Any services requested by the owner other than those specified above will be charged accordingly.

For More Information on any or all of the above Property Management Services. please CONTACT US AT:

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