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Los Cabos Mexico History

If you would like to read about where Los Cabos is located please visit our Los Cabos Mexico information page. Los Cabos Mexico would not be part of the world today if it where not for the fact that the tectonic plates gradually shifted along San Andreas Fault. Originally Los Cabos was attached to the mainland Mexico but over the years (millions) the two plates shifted creating the area which is now the Sea of Cortez and the mountains in Los Cabos. This is what created the Baja Peninsula.

When the Spanish first visited Los Cabos Mexico, the first believe that Baja California was an island. Then in 1539 an expedition sent by Herman Cortez, discovered the mouth of the Colorado River and confirmed that Baja was a peninsula. They named the waterway, El Mar des Corte (Sea of Cortez) after their leader.

In the late 1970's, the mExican Government decided that the Eastern tip of Baja would be for upscale tourism, because of the beautiful area it is. They then gave it the name Los Cabos. After that many resorts and hotels sprouted up and then more developments, from there the Los Cabos you see today was made.

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