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Los Cabos Accommodation

Accommodations in Los Cabos are a little different than you would normally find in other Mexican resorts. The hotels tend not to tower above you but blend with the scenery. You will notice that the hotel rates are a little lower than in the US.

There are alternatives to finding accommodation in Los Cabos besides the great Los Cabos Villas that we have to offer .Other forms of accommodation in Los Cabos include : condo/house rentals and house sitting. Condo and house rental for longer stays is usually more affordable and also more convenient than a hotel. Prices can vary, depending on location, facilities and length of stay. The most expensive rentals are found along the Corridor (that's between San Jose Del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas).

For you outdoor lovers Los Cabos has many campgrounds and RV parks. It's actually pretty easy to fins a beach campsite for free but, of course it will have no amenities. Because there aren't that many people in the area, it is quite possible that you will find a nice secluded area. There are also RV parks and campsites that do offer full amenities. The price for those may vary but it is usually reasonable.

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Los Cabos Accommodations

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