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History of Cabo San Lucas Mexico

The Guaycuras were the first to live in the Cape Area - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Unfortunately due to lack of archaeological interest in Cabo San Lucas, we will never know much about them. The only accounts we have of them are Spanish accounts. What we do know is when then Spanish arrived the Guaycuras divided into three groups: Pericu, Huchiti and Guaicura tribes. With the Pericu living in the area we call today - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

In the 15th century, the Spanish Monarchy sent Christopher Columbus to find a new route to the Far East. His mission at the time was to make contact with a Great Khan to help him find a way to the Far East since, at the time the Arabs controlled the way by land. Basically the Spanish wanted a way to break the Arab trade so, that the Holy Land would be returned to the Christians. This made the quest to the New World a holy crusade because they also planned to convert anyone who was not a Christian to a Christian along the way. Once the Spanish launched expeditions into the Caribbean they easily conquered Mexico and Central America.

Originally the Spanish thought that Baja California was an island. It wasn't until much later they discovered it was a peninsula. When the Manila galleons began making trips from Manila and Acapulco, they decided it would be easier if there was a settlement in between where ships could get fresh water in supplies. The area known now as Cabo San Lucas, Mexico was even more appealing when the ships began carrying gold and other riches. These ships were often targets for pirates. They sought out the harbors in order to hide from pirates. Eventually the pirates found out how to trap the ships in the bays. Thomas Cavendish plundered the Spanish Manila galleon Santa Ana at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in 1587. This pirating went on for over 250 years. The most famous of all is Woodes Rogers captured and Manila galleon Encarnacion of off Cabo San Lucas in 1709.



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