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Cabo San Lucas fishing - Sword fishCabo San Lucas fishing's reputation is well deserved, as Cabo San Lucas is " The Marlin Capital of the World". Nowhere can you find as many species of fish such a small area of water. Cabo San Lucas's fishing is mostly famous for it's marlin, sailfish, swordfish, billfish and other deep see fish. Although Cabo San Lucas does also offer fishing of other types such as: onshore fishing, small boat fishing and fishing for people who don't know how to fish.

Onshore fishing is the most accessible types of fishing in Cabo San Lucas for most vacationers. It is the most accessible because it doesn't require a boat. All you need is an area where you can get your line into the water. On shore fishing is best on any of the beaches along the Corridor or on the Sea of Cortez. There are many fish that can be caught in these areas such as: sand bass, yellow fish and ladyfish. The puffer fish is also a common fish that can be found. The puffer is easily identifiable because it's body puffs out when it is disturbed. Puffer fish are actually toxic, well actually their meat is toxic and they are not edible.

Offshore fishing in Cabo San Lucas often yields bigger fish. The bigger game fish such as: sea bass, barracuda, red and yellow snapper and cabrilla (cabrilla must be released) are usually found at a depth of 650 ft. You don't necessarily need a bigger boat to offshore fish in Cabo San Lucas but, because of the large currents in the best fishing area it is usually advised. If you are looking to catch the "BIG ONE" it is probably best to hire a local guide to assist you in your offshore fishing as there are special techniques when it comes to offshore. Many local guides you can found right in the Cabo San Lucas Harbor. The guides usually provide the boat, tackle and transportation to the best fishing in Cabo San Lucas.

By now I am sure you are wondering if you need any type of license for Cabo San Lucas fishing. The good news is that the rules here are pretty simple, if you are over 16 yrs of age and intend to fish, you need a license. Sometimes if go on Cabo San Lucas fishing cruise, your license is included. Also, sometimes when you go with a guide but, to be on the safe side it is always best to ask beforehand. Fishing licenses are available at most tackle and bait shops in the area.

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