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Baja California Sur is a state of Mexico. To it's north is Baja California Norte. Baja California Sur includes many islands, del Carmen, San Jose, Ballena, Cerralvo, Asuncion, Margarita and Creciente. It also includes other areas such as: Bahia Magdalena, Cabo San Lucas, Cabo del Este, Ciudad Constiticion, Guerrero Negro, La Paz (capital city), Laguna ojode Liebre, Loreto, Nopolo, Puerto Escondido, San Ignacio, San Jose del Cabo, San Jose y San Miquel de Comondu, Santa Rosalia, Todoa Santos and Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve.

Wonder what to see to in Baja California Sur?

Guerrero Negro, which means black warrior, was named after a ship that had run aground near the town. Guerrero Negro, in Baja California Sur, has a lagoon that is the main breeding ground foe gray whales. Most visitors who go to Guerrero Negro, go there to see the whales. The best time to see them is between February and March. You can see them from many go view points from he land or get an up close look at them by boat.

San Ignacio in Baja California Sur

In the canyons near San Ignacio are cave paintings. These cave paintings (usually black and red) are now thought to be from around 1200 BC. The "Cave of the Mouse" is the easiest to reach. It can be reached via a turn off to San Francisco del la Sierra. You can find some better preserved caves but, you will require a guide as the caves are a two and three day hike into the canyon. Their is a small museum where you can view some exhibits on the caves. The museum is located right in San Ignacio.

Of course this page doesn't include all the great places to visit San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas but, it does outline some good things that you can do. Please browse our website to view more activities in other areas of Baja California Sur.

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