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That sea turtles actually lay their eggs in the Los Cabos beaches? Two of the world's eight sea turtle species nest here. The Golfinas and Leather backs are endangered species. You can actually help release the sea turtles by sponsoring a hatchling through ASUPMATOMA .


Baja California

Baja California in the news. Recently Cabo San Lucas and Baja California have been in the news. Most recently about the potential of Hurricane John hitting Baja's beautiful shore line. Fortunately there was only heavy rained reported in the Cabo San Lucas and the Los Cabos Area.

The Cape Region of Baja California is the world's 4th longest peninsula. The peninsula and Mainland Mexico are separated by 250 km of ocean. Baja California at one time was connected to Mainland Mexico, this of course was millions of years ago. Back when the bison and the mammoth. They have found any fossilized bones in Northern Baja.

The Cape Region of Baja California has a astonishing coast line surrounding with mountains. Baja California Sur was once a remote corner of Mexico. It now offers uncommon wildlife, pristine beaches, tropical rainforest, mountains, coral reefs and a warm temperature year round.

Cape Arid Tropical Forest in Baja California

The Cape Region as well as the Laguna and Giganta mountains are what we call "arid rain forests". Much like the rainforests elsewhere the Cape Arid Tropical Rain Forest creates a canopied effect where, there are many levels of vegetation and animals inside the actual rainforest.


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